Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Top Ten Hated Films that I think are good" Continued

3-“Matrix Reloaded & Revolution (2003)” – I am grouping both of these movies together because they are, basically, one really long movie split into two parts. I believe that the problem with these films started with the huge success of the original film. Like so many sequels to popular films, they tend to have problem living up to the success of the first. This, along with the complex (sometimes baffling) story, led to many shunning these films. While I agree that the story is very hard to figure out, I do think that it’s kind of a pleasant change from having everything just handed to us on a silver platter. Do I think that it could have been handled better? Sure, but it does not make it as bad a film as some will have you believe. The only real problem I have with the films is the depictions of Zion (last human city) and of the planet Earth. (Possible Spoilers)While I know that the earth had to be a wasteland, I wish they had went a more “Mad Max” style with the world, instead of a place that looked more like Venus than Earth. I also did not like the way the people of Zion acted near the beginning acted. I really can’t accept that a group of people, trying to desperately to survive, would be having, what looks like, a Rave party. It just looks really dumb. I also was not really crazy about the ending. The ending was also kind of rushed, but was not really that bad (it did seem like a cliff-hanger though). (Spoiler Ends) Other than these few complaints, I found the movies to be very entertaining. I would suggest giving all the films another viewing and maybe the story will be clearer this time around (as it was to me).

2- “Spiderman 3 (2007)” – I was going to review the whole series, but I feel that this one gets the most hate. I have heard many complaints associated with this movie: It is too long, it has too many villains, Venom didn’t look right, Emo Parker, and etc. I will be going through each of these complaints and give my insight on each one:

(1) “This movie is too long”- I never once felt that this was true. I actually was wishing for more by the time the credit rolled. While the film did lag at certain points, I never felt bored or that the movie was dragging. I also was really fascinated by the struggle that Peter Parker (Spiderman) was going through to maintain his true self, in the face of the Alien Symbiote trying to control him. I also think that it’s good that they made this film longer, as they had a lot of loose ends to tie up since this was the last film; and I think they did a good job at fixing those loose ends. Everything is fixed: Peter and Mary-Jane are (presumably) back together, all the villains have been taken care of, and Peter seems to final accepted being “Spidey”.

(2)”Too many Villains” – While there are a lot of villains in this film, I don’t think they really hampered the film.  Harry, as the new green gobbling, had to be there because he still had unfinished business with Peter (because he still though that Peter killed his father). “Sandman” was in the film, I think, to help Peter comes to grips with the death of his Uncle (something that he blames himself about through the whole series). “Venom” was, to me, the most important character, I will explain: through the whole movie trilogy, Peter Parker has had a deep hatred and resentment for many things. He wants to be normal, but must keep the city safe as a vigilante crime fighter. This keeps him not only from being with Mary-Jane, but he is also hassled by both the police and by the media. When he final gets the “Venom” suit, he is final made to made to confront himself and to final put to rest his demons. I think it’s a very touching scene in the bell tower, when he finally defeats not only Venom, but also himself (the “Dark Peter Parker”).      

(3) “Venom didn’t look right or act right” – This was a problem that I have heard many people talk about. Well, let’s first take a look at both the Venom from the comic and the one from the movie:
Large mouth with sharp teeth, large white eyes, dark coloring
Large mouth with sharp teeth, large white eyes, dark coloring

Look pretty similar to me. As for not acting right, he is a very conniving, intelligent, and evil creature in the comics and they do a pretty good job capturing this in the film. He not only successfully uses both Peter Parker and Eddie Brock (showing both his cunning and intelligent side), but he is also using these people’s own weaknesses against them. This is a very evil thing to do to a person. With this in mind, I feel that they did a pretty good job on him.

(4) “Emo Parker” – Okay, he was being controlled by an evil creature that was forcing the worse of him to the surface. He was not in right mind and while Toby Maguire’s performance was a bit campy, I think it got the message across okay . I like the idea of a character’s struggle between being good and evil. This is what I think this is one of the things that have interested me about Star Wars. Not only is it a tale of good versus evil, it is also set in a grey area, where people intentions may not always lead to a happy outcome.   

Conclusion: I am a big fan of all three of the Spidey films and the third is no exception. When I first watched them, it reminded me of the Power Rangers series that I watched as a kid and still watch to this day. No other superhero film has really been able to do that, as of yet. Even the Batman Begins films did not have that same feel to them (I have not yet watched the Avengers film, so I will have to wait and see about it). I think that it’s that over the top, almost campy nature of the films that is what appeals to me most about these. I would suggest everyone to give these films another try and see if what I have said as changed your look of this and the other Spiderman films.

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