Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Movie Review “The Deaths of Ian Stone”

Movie Review “The Deaths of Ian Stone”


Mike Vogel as Ian Stone

Jaime Murray as Medea

Christina Cole as Jenny Walker

Short Story Summary: A young man is repeatedly killed and reborn into different lives by an evil force

Plot (/10): The story of this film is very well thought out and entertaining. While the twists are not really that shocking, this is still a very suspenseful tale in a similar vain to the Twilight Zone TV show. It is very well written, everything is well explained, and plot holes are nearly non-existent. I can’t really think of anything seriously wrong with the story at all.

Characters/Cast (10/10): Once again, this film out does itself with an excellent cast. I really like the protagonist (played by Mike Vogel), who was a likable character that you really wanted to root for. I also really like Christina Cole, who is great as Jenny Walker. It is refreshing to have the main characters in a horror film actually be likable instead of the idiots you normally find in these types of films. The main antagonist Medea (Played by Jaime Murray) , was also very good in her role. She was threatening, but never in an over the top sort of way.  I haven’t seen a cast in a horror film this good since “The Boogeyman” took me by surprised when I first saw it.

Scare Factor (6/10): This was kind of the weak point in the film. I never was really frightened by anything I saw. I didn’t find the creatures that frighten and the few jump scares didn’t do anything to me. They tended to other use the weird head shake that was used in other horror films and it just looked kind of hokey ( I believe this was done also in The Grudge, if I am not mistaken).  I did find myself worrying for the safety of the main characters and rooted for them when things got rough. This, I find, is very rare in horror films nowadays, where you normally are begging for the main players to be put out of your misery.

Music (N/A) Can’t really put a score on this one, as there really wasn’t any ( that I know of anyways).

Visuals (8.5/10): The visuals are all around pretty good. It was really dark at times and that could obstruct your view of what was happening. This was very rare though and only happened once or twice. I thought the creatures looked okay, but they were not very freighting.  The makeup and special effects, by Award winner Stan Winston, are very well done in this film. The blood effects are well done and the gore is, over all, kept to an acceptable (non-sickening) level.
Conclusion: While not all that scary, this is still an entertaining thriller that should a refreshing change from the usual trash we get nowadays. If you are a gore hound though, just stay away, this is not your kind of film. For everyone else though, give this film a try.

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