Saturday, August 11, 2012

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The Expendables 2

The new Expendables movie looks like it is really shaping up to out do the last installment. With even more explosiations, bullets, and one liners than the first, this is sure to be one of my top films of the year( a long with The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers). I will most likely be going to see this film when it hits the movies on August 17, so expect a review of it(spoiler free) on here on either the same day or on the 18th.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Movie Review “The Deaths of Ian Stone”

Movie Review “The Deaths of Ian Stone”


Mike Vogel as Ian Stone

Jaime Murray as Medea

Christina Cole as Jenny Walker

Short Story Summary: A young man is repeatedly killed and reborn into different lives by an evil force

Plot (/10): The story of this film is very well thought out and entertaining. While the twists are not really that shocking, this is still a very suspenseful tale in a similar vain to the Twilight Zone TV show. It is very well written, everything is well explained, and plot holes are nearly non-existent. I can’t really think of anything seriously wrong with the story at all.

Characters/Cast (10/10): Once again, this film out does itself with an excellent cast. I really like the protagonist (played by Mike Vogel), who was a likable character that you really wanted to root for. I also really like Christina Cole, who is great as Jenny Walker. It is refreshing to have the main characters in a horror film actually be likable instead of the idiots you normally find in these types of films. The main antagonist Medea (Played by Jaime Murray) , was also very good in her role. She was threatening, but never in an over the top sort of way.  I haven’t seen a cast in a horror film this good since “The Boogeyman” took me by surprised when I first saw it.

Scare Factor (6/10): This was kind of the weak point in the film. I never was really frightened by anything I saw. I didn’t find the creatures that frighten and the few jump scares didn’t do anything to me. They tended to other use the weird head shake that was used in other horror films and it just looked kind of hokey ( I believe this was done also in The Grudge, if I am not mistaken).  I did find myself worrying for the safety of the main characters and rooted for them when things got rough. This, I find, is very rare in horror films nowadays, where you normally are begging for the main players to be put out of your misery.

Music (N/A) Can’t really put a score on this one, as there really wasn’t any ( that I know of anyways).

Visuals (8.5/10): The visuals are all around pretty good. It was really dark at times and that could obstruct your view of what was happening. This was very rare though and only happened once or twice. I thought the creatures looked okay, but they were not very freighting.  The makeup and special effects, by Award winner Stan Winston, are very well done in this film. The blood effects are well done and the gore is, over all, kept to an acceptable (non-sickening) level.
Conclusion: While not all that scary, this is still an entertaining thriller that should a refreshing change from the usual trash we get nowadays. If you are a gore hound though, just stay away, this is not your kind of film. For everyone else though, give this film a try.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

"Top Ten Hated Films That I like" Final Entry!

1- “The Star Wars Prequels (1999-2005)” – None of the films on this list are more unfairly hated and scrutinized than the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. These great films have never gotten the recognition they deserved and this is really a shame. Like the Spiderman films, I am going to list the reasons that people say that they dislike these films and give reasons why their logic is flawed. So without further ado, let’s get started.

(1) “Story not as good as the Original films”– While I will agree that the story in the original was good, it was still very flawed. George Lucas has said that he made numerous changes to the scrip as they were filming and add things that were not originally there. Examples include, Luke and Lea being siblings, Darth Vader being their father, their names were to be “Starkiller” instead “Skywalker”, and many others. This constant change of the script leads to the original story leads to unexpected twists and makes the story seem rough. By the time that the new films came along, Lucas had a clear idea of what he wanted with the series and it has a better flow to it. The story follows what was said in the original to the letter and I disagree with the people that say it doesn’t have the same feel as the original. I also enjoyed the dark tale of Anakin’s descent into evil. It is a much more interesting tale than Luke’s. I never really felt that Luke was ever in any danger of turning to the dark side this kind of killed some of the suspense for me.  On the other hand, while you know that Anakin is going to turn to evil, it’s still interesting to see what it was that drove him to take such an evil path. Most of the plot holes are easily explained and seemed to be more of a tool for nick picking than anything else.

(2) “Anakin is not how I pictured him, he actually has flaws” – I am sorry that Anakin, you turns into basically the “Lord of Darkness” may not have been the nicest guy in the world. Sure he is arrogant, hotheaded, and rebellious, but he is young in the first and second films. That is just the way people in their teens tend to act at that age. That said, he does seem much more mature in the third and kind of fits the image that Obi-wan tales to Luke in A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. He was all that Obi-Wan said, it’s just that he was manipulated by the Dark Side into joining them by using his fear of losing his love ones. I also don’t see what the problem with him mass murdering Younglings (children in training to be Jedi). What is the Dark Lord, one of the most evil people in the Galaxy, supposed to be have limits to his evil? It doesn’t work that way. He tries to have his own children killed in the Original Trilogy (he even tries to kill Luke himself on several different occasions), so why can’t anyone accept that he is more than capable of killing other kids? This also goes for when he killed everyone in the Tusken camp. Sure he was enraged by the death of his mother by them and he feels remorse after, but it shows what he is capable of.

(3) “The original lightsaber battles are better” - I have actually heard people say that they see the fights in the prequels as more dancing than actually fighting. These people are weird. The three Prequel films have some of the best sword fights ever filmed, but the original's fights just seem kind of uninteresting and stiff. I do like the dialogue and music  in both series though and they make the fights much more entertaining. I also think that the lightsaber duel in Return of the Jedi was well done I also think that the duel in The Empire Strikes Back(were Luke finds out Vader is his father) was good. It is also,most likely , the most important duel in the series for the fact that it does lead to Luke learning about his father. See, I am not saying that all the Duels in the original are bad, just that he newer films did them as good if not better in some cases.

(4) “Jar Jar Binks” – Literally the most hated character in the series. I decide to talk about him because I never saw what was so bad about him. He is racist character as some have claimed. He was played by a black man, so if he did not find him to be offence, why should everyone else. Also, he was meant to be annoying, that is the whole point of his character. He is the comic relief in an otherwise grim tale. I find in comical that people are so hard on this character, yet they hardly ever say anything bad about the Ewoks. They are the stupidest characters ever made for this series. They really expect me to believe that a fur ball can bring down a well-trained heavy armed, heavy armored soldier to be brought down by a rock thrown by a ferby? I don’t think so, yet no one brings this up. They instead bash a race of beings that actually seem plausible?

(5) “Other thoughts” - I understand that the haters grew up with the original and they are very fond of it, but the hating needs to stop, the haters are just making a fool of themselves. I grew up at the tail end of the original films, but I grew up watching them and was thrilled when I heard the new films were made. I loved those films as much as the originals and think they are as good, if not better in some cases. Both have excellent cast: Original (Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamilton) Prequel (Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, and Natalie Portman) just to name a few. I also think the special effects are ground breaking for both film trilogies.

Conclusion: I love all the Star Wars films and think they are all entertaining and well made. The hate really needs to stop and the prequels need to finally get the recognition they deserve. As long as people continue to jump on the hate ban wagon though, I am afraid that these films will never reach that day of recognition. I ask, no I implore you to give these films another chance. Forget all that you have heard about them and just see them with an open mind. I am sure that more people than not, will find these films to be excellent films.      
Well thats the end of my "Top Ten Hated films that I like" article. Hope you enjoyed it and leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Top Ten Hated Films that I think are good" Continued

3-“Matrix Reloaded & Revolution (2003)” – I am grouping both of these movies together because they are, basically, one really long movie split into two parts. I believe that the problem with these films started with the huge success of the original film. Like so many sequels to popular films, they tend to have problem living up to the success of the first. This, along with the complex (sometimes baffling) story, led to many shunning these films. While I agree that the story is very hard to figure out, I do think that it’s kind of a pleasant change from having everything just handed to us on a silver platter. Do I think that it could have been handled better? Sure, but it does not make it as bad a film as some will have you believe. The only real problem I have with the films is the depictions of Zion (last human city) and of the planet Earth. (Possible Spoilers)While I know that the earth had to be a wasteland, I wish they had went a more “Mad Max” style with the world, instead of a place that looked more like Venus than Earth. I also did not like the way the people of Zion acted near the beginning acted. I really can’t accept that a group of people, trying to desperately to survive, would be having, what looks like, a Rave party. It just looks really dumb. I also was not really crazy about the ending. The ending was also kind of rushed, but was not really that bad (it did seem like a cliff-hanger though). (Spoiler Ends) Other than these few complaints, I found the movies to be very entertaining. I would suggest giving all the films another viewing and maybe the story will be clearer this time around (as it was to me).

2- “Spiderman 3 (2007)” – I was going to review the whole series, but I feel that this one gets the most hate. I have heard many complaints associated with this movie: It is too long, it has too many villains, Venom didn’t look right, Emo Parker, and etc. I will be going through each of these complaints and give my insight on each one:

(1) “This movie is too long”- I never once felt that this was true. I actually was wishing for more by the time the credit rolled. While the film did lag at certain points, I never felt bored or that the movie was dragging. I also was really fascinated by the struggle that Peter Parker (Spiderman) was going through to maintain his true self, in the face of the Alien Symbiote trying to control him. I also think that it’s good that they made this film longer, as they had a lot of loose ends to tie up since this was the last film; and I think they did a good job at fixing those loose ends. Everything is fixed: Peter and Mary-Jane are (presumably) back together, all the villains have been taken care of, and Peter seems to final accepted being “Spidey”.

(2)”Too many Villains” – While there are a lot of villains in this film, I don’t think they really hampered the film.  Harry, as the new green gobbling, had to be there because he still had unfinished business with Peter (because he still though that Peter killed his father). “Sandman” was in the film, I think, to help Peter comes to grips with the death of his Uncle (something that he blames himself about through the whole series). “Venom” was, to me, the most important character, I will explain: through the whole movie trilogy, Peter Parker has had a deep hatred and resentment for many things. He wants to be normal, but must keep the city safe as a vigilante crime fighter. This keeps him not only from being with Mary-Jane, but he is also hassled by both the police and by the media. When he final gets the “Venom” suit, he is final made to made to confront himself and to final put to rest his demons. I think it’s a very touching scene in the bell tower, when he finally defeats not only Venom, but also himself (the “Dark Peter Parker”).      

(3) “Venom didn’t look right or act right” – This was a problem that I have heard many people talk about. Well, let’s first take a look at both the Venom from the comic and the one from the movie:
Large mouth with sharp teeth, large white eyes, dark coloring
Large mouth with sharp teeth, large white eyes, dark coloring

Look pretty similar to me. As for not acting right, he is a very conniving, intelligent, and evil creature in the comics and they do a pretty good job capturing this in the film. He not only successfully uses both Peter Parker and Eddie Brock (showing both his cunning and intelligent side), but he is also using these people’s own weaknesses against them. This is a very evil thing to do to a person. With this in mind, I feel that they did a pretty good job on him.

(4) “Emo Parker” – Okay, he was being controlled by an evil creature that was forcing the worse of him to the surface. He was not in right mind and while Toby Maguire’s performance was a bit campy, I think it got the message across okay . I like the idea of a character’s struggle between being good and evil. This is what I think this is one of the things that have interested me about Star Wars. Not only is it a tale of good versus evil, it is also set in a grey area, where people intentions may not always lead to a happy outcome.   

Conclusion: I am a big fan of all three of the Spidey films and the third is no exception. When I first watched them, it reminded me of the Power Rangers series that I watched as a kid and still watch to this day. No other superhero film has really been able to do that, as of yet. Even the Batman Begins films did not have that same feel to them (I have not yet watched the Avengers film, so I will have to wait and see about it). I think that it’s that over the top, almost campy nature of the films that is what appeals to me most about these. I would suggest everyone to give these films another try and see if what I have said as changed your look of this and the other Spiderman films.