Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Top Ten Horror Films

(Here is my top ten favorite Horror films. I am only including films that I have saw and I am excluding films like “Underworld” and “Resident Evil” films dew to them being more action films than Horror. Some of my choices are also only the first entry in a series due to them actually being good and the rest being terrible (The first ”Scream) film is an example of this). )  

10- Scream (1996) - First on the list is “Scream”. This film is last due to it having several problems that I list in my last article (like the stereotypical victims). What causes this film to make it on the list though is the tong-in-cheek manner the film makers went about making the film. It does use all the things I mentioned before, but they are not doing it to milk the genre, but to make the film a satire. Its goal was to poke fun at a genre (Slasher films) and it does it to great effect.       

9- Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) - Like scream, this film has its share of problems, but it is still a very well made film. It is to date the scariest film I have seen in my life. The first time I saw this film, I had a hard time getting to sleep for a few weeks afterwards. (Fun Fact-this was Johnny Depp’s first film appearance)   

8-“The Shining (1980)”- Next up on this list is Stephen King’s The Shining. This film is about a writer (Jack Nicholson) who takes a job as a caretaker at a hotel that is haunted by evil spirits. This film does an excellent job creating an eerie atmosphere. Jack Nicholson is at his best here, using his usual “crazy Jack” style of acting. I love the terrifying sense of seclusion the hotel gives as things begin to happen and the fact they can’t leave do to the snow storm. The only problem I have with this film is that it can be kind of weird at times, but this (most of the time) just adds to the charm of the film.

7- “Dawn of the Dead (1978)”- One of the best zombie movie ever. While it’s really gory at times, the story and characters more than make up for it. You actually care about what happens to the characters in this film and hate to see them killed or hurt. I have not really seen any other Zombie film be able to pull that off other than:  

6- Night of the Living Dead (1968)”- The best Zombie movie ever. This film just as the perfect feel and look to it and is a joy to watch. The characters are great and the story is simple, but really good. I am not crazy about the ending and that keeps it from getting higher on the list, but this film is great in everything else it does.

5-“Grudge (2004)”- I am a big fan of ghost/evil spirit stories (as you will see in my next few entries) and this is one of the best. I like how the ghosts are represented and I now prefer this way of doing them than giant, evil looking creatures you normally see. The tension this film creates can be cut with a knife and your heart will suffer from the jump scaresL. I also love Sarah Michelle Gellar and enjoy most of the films she does.  

4-“Boogyman (2005)”- Another ghost/evil spirit film and to me one of the best. Unlike the Grudge where you kind of know that there is something haunting the main player, this film makes you wonder if they are not just going crazy. It is stated that the boy did have a bad childhood and things happen in the film that give the impression that he may not be mentality stable. The other films in the series try to go one way or the other with poor results, so I just watch the first and come to my own conclusions.

3- “Poltergeist (1982)” - Yet another ghost film and the best one that I have ever seen. When I think of a ghost film, this is what I think of.  This film has it all: creepy atmosphere, even creepier little girl, great acting, and a scary antagonist that you never get to see. This was also another film that kept me from getting a descent night’s sleep for a while.

2- “Evil Dead Series (1981-1992)”- I could not decide on which one to put on here, so I will list them together. I grew up watching these films and they have yet to fail to entertain me. They have the right blend of horror and comedy that drags you in and doesn’t let go. Bruce Campbell who plays “Ash” is awesome in this film and he is still one of my favorite actors. Not many series have been made that I have loved and watched every film in the series, but this is defiantly one. Not even #1 can claim that, which is:

1-“Halloween (1978)”- While I may love “Evil Dead”, this is the best horror film I have ever seen. John Carpenter did an excellent job making this film and it will continue to be a genre defining film. Every Slasher fan owes a debt to this film for being the film that set the bar for Slasher films everywhere. The thing is, it’s able to do something the other has never really been able to do: create scares that don’t rely on a lot of blood and gore. Sure it has some, but that is not really what defines this film. It is the nerve chilling music and the fact that this could really happen is what really gets your nerves on edge. Also, Jason (from the Friday the 13th series) is nothing compared to Michael Myers. The way Michael Myers was created is realistic enough were you believe he could be real (In the first and maybe the second film anyways). I also like the fact that the film, at the start, has a kind of ghost story to it, with Myers appearing and disappearing and the eeriness when the characters feel they are being watched. Then by the second half of the film we have gone into full Slasher territory, but it is very well done and without a lot of the red stuff going everywhere. This film also takes care to make sure that you like the main characters and get you to root for them, something sadly most other Slasher films can never claim.  

(Well, that’s my list of my top ten favorite horror films, thanks for reading!)

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