Saturday, July 14, 2012

Movie review: “Underworld: Awakening”

Movie review: “Underworld: Awakening”


Kate Beckinsale as Selene
India Eisley as Eve
Stephen Rea as Dr. Jacob Lane
Michael Ealy as Detective Sebastian
Theo James as David

Short Story Summary: After Selene awakens after twelve years in a cryogenic coma, she must find out the identity and protect the mysterious Subject 2 who awoken her from her coma.

Story: (7.5/10) The story is okay, but it does contain quite a few plot holes. For example, it is never (to my knowledge) explained how humans found out about the Vampires and Lycans. The film just starts with Selene explaining the events of the previous films and about the current “Purge” of the Vampire and Lycans races. The actions then heats up and does not slow a bit. While the story looks like Swiss cheese, the action keeps things flowing and the story is not really that confusing. I will say that it did end kind of abruptly and there is sure to be a fifth one (which is okay with me).

Characters/Cast: (8.5/10) The cast was all around pretty good. Kate Beckinsale returns, after her sad absence from “Rise of the Lycans”, as the Death Dealer Selene. Miss Bechensale is just as great as she was in the other films and it’s great to see her back. Her supporting cast on the other hand was kind of touch and go for me. India Eisley did an okay job as Eve/Subject 2. Michael Ealy who played Detective Sebastian was not really that good in this film. His character was basically not really needed. Sebastian kind of just went through the film with a confused look on his face and looked uninterested in everything going on. David, played by Theo James, was a little better. Mr. James seemed to really get into his role and he had some pretty decent action scenes. I really believe that they could have just combined the David/Sebastian characters together and it would have made a much better character. The main antagonist Dr. Jacob Lane, played by Stephen Rea, is a terrible villain and is a major step back from the antagonists from the rest of the films. He is a very stereotypical, boring bad guy and his son, Quint, played by Kris Holden-Reid, is a little better, but not by much. The rest of the cast was nothing really special, but they were okay.

Action: (9/10) I thought the action in this film was really well done and entertaining. They did rely a little too much on wires during the action scenes, but it does not get to the point that it ruins them. Once again they’re a nice assortment of weapons and the fights are well filmed and easy to follow.

Music: (6/10) There was some okay background music, but nothing really that great.

Visuals: (9/10) The moody, gothic look from the previous films returns and it looks as great as ever. There is a good verity of locations and they all look okay. The creature effects are once again well done and luckily do not have a campy look to them. -10 points for overuse of wires in some scenes and some really unnecessary gore.

Conclusion: While it has its flaws, “Awakening “is a really good film and is a great follow up to the original trilogy. I recommend checking this film out.


  1. Thanks for the review! My coworker at Dish and I finally got around to seeing this film a couple days ago, so I can definitely agree with you about this installment being a great follow up to the original trilogy. I heard a lot of mixed reviews about this one before it came out on DVD, so that's why I decided to wait and see it on my own time with my Blockbuster @Home package. I don't believe there was a clear answer as to how the humans found about the Lycans and Vampires either, but my theory is because of Stephen Rea's character and his part with the humans. All in all, I really enjoyed what this film had to offer, and I look forward to seeing the next one come out; hopefully with a little more Michael in it, lol! :)

  2. Thanks for reading! I also look forward to the next one.