Sunday, July 8, 2012

Movie review: “Police Story 3: Supercop”

Movie review: “Police Story 3: Supercop”

Starring: Jackie Chan as Inspector Chan
Michelle Yeoh as Jessica Yang
Maggie Cheung as May
Kenneth Tsang as Chaibat
Wah Yuen as Panther

Short Story Summary: A Hong Kong Police officer goes undercover to break up a drug ring.

Story: (7/10) The story is standard fair for a Jackie film. It is nothing special, but it gets the job done. The story is basically just there to help get from one fight or comic scene to the next, while trying to not become overly complex. Anyone that is a fan of Jackie will not notice this lack of a more sophisticated story, but others may find the story lacking in substance.

Characters/Cast: (8.5/10) Jackie Chan is as great as ever. His comic and action scenes are well performed and he gives an excellent performance. He makes his Character named “Chan” (go figure) a very likable and sympathetic fellow and you are sure to be rooting for him throughout the film. Michelle Yeoh also gives an excellent performance as Jessica Yang. She and Jackie’s interactions with each other are what really made the film interesting and fun to watch. She is a very talented woman, who not only does her own stunts, but also does well in the comic scenes as well. Maggie Cheung is as great as ever in her role as Jackie’s Girlfriend, May. The villains Chaibat (Kenneth Tsang) and Panther (Wah Yuen) are both pretty good. I think that Panther is the better of the two, as I felt that Chaibat was a bit over the top in his actions most of the time. It just seemed like Mr. Tsang was over acting way too much for my taste.

Action: (7.5/10) The action scenes were okay. There was no real good one on one fights, save for near the beginning when Jackie has to fight one of the military policemen in a training yard. This fight was short, but was pretty good, having a nice blend of action and comedy moments. The rest of the fights are basically against henchmen and not all that thrilling. The stunts in the film where good though. Both Jackie and Yeoh do a nice verity of stunts that should keep anyone both entertained and thrilled.

Music: (4/10) Very poor and generic. It did have a few good songs, but I don’t think they were by the original artist which would have raised the score a bit more.

Visuals: (9/10) The visuals where okay. The film had a nice variety of locations ranging from a coal yard to the back of moving train. No CG was used in the production of this film (well non that would bother anyone that is against CG) and this adds to the thrills of the stunt work. There was also no “Noticeable” wire work and this keeps the film from looking strange. Bad or over-done wire work can do that.

Conclusion: While it is far from perfect, this is still a very fun film to watch. I recommend checking it out.

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