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Movie review: “Equilibrium”

Movie review: “Equilibrium”

Christian Bale as John Preston
Taye Diggs as Brandit
Angus Macfadyen as DuPont

Short Story Summary: In a dystopian world where emotions are illegal. One man must rise to bring down the system (From IMDB)

Story (6/10): The story as an interesting, but flawed, concept. The idea of a world where no one is allowed to have emotions caught my interest and kept me invested in the duration of the film. That being said, I just could never accept that the world was an emotionless one. People through the whole film, to me, showed a variety of emotions when they should not have been able too. I saw people run in fear, worry about their lives, show suspension on the protagonist, and many other emotions. All of these should have been absent and the people of the world should have been acting pretty much like robots. But they never gave that impression to me, which kind of threw me out of the story the film makers where trying to tell. The story is easy enough to follow through and the story (with its flaws) never the less was an entertaining ride. It will keep you interested as long as you can suspend your disbelief as I did and just enjoy the ride.

Characters/Cast (3/10): The cast was itself was fine, but the concept of the story did hurt their performance a bit, I will explain. The big problem was the actors trying to give the appearance of no emotions. I was just never convinced that any of the characters where emotionless. I know that I am harking on the emotion thing a lot, but that is the whole point of this film. When creating a world where the citizens should act a certain way, it is up to the creators make sure that the characters act in the correct manner. I just do not feel that the makers of this film have done this. While they did create an interesting story, they just failed to populate it with the right people. I am not saying that the acting skill of the actors was bad, on the contrary, they all did a fine job, it was just their characters that were off to me.

Action (9/10): The action is the high point of this film and in delivers big time. I find the “Gun Kata” to be an interesting concept and it was fun to see it in action. The best I can explain it, is that it is a type of martial art, in which you predict your opponents attack pattern and then respond with the correct counter movement. There is probably more to it than that, but that is my understanding of it. On top of the Gun Kata fights, we are treated to many normal gun fights and also a sword fight at one point of the film. Very little wire was it any of these fights and they are fast and exciting. The final fight is between the protagonist (Bale) and Antagonist (Macfadyen) is really good and it was great to see to “Gun Kata” Masters go toe to toe. I kind of wish it was a little longer though.

Music (10/10): The classical music of this film was an excellent addition. It really enhanced the emotional moments of the film and just overall helps set the mood of the film.

Visuals (10/10): The look of the world they created was very well done. Not much CGI was used in the film, which is a plus and people appearance had the right look (even if their acting was off). Fans of such films as “1984” will feel right at home with the look. CGI was thankfully not over used. What’s there looks good and has a purpose. The wire effects are like I said, kept to a minimum.

Conclusion: While the film has its share of problems, I find it to be an interesting watch. I would recommend giving this film a try. I got it dirt cheap in a collect of movies and I don’t regret seeing it. Give it a shot.

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