Saturday, July 21, 2012

Movie Review” Dawn of the Dead (1978 Version)”

(Here is an old review that I wrote, but this is the first time I have published it.)
Ken Foree as Peter
Scott H. Reiniger as Roger
David Emge as Stephen
Gaylen Ross as Francine

Short Story Summary: During a zombie epidemic, four survivors take shelter in a shopping mall.
Story: (8/10) The story, to me, had a lot of problems with it. I am not talking about the basic plot offour people trying to survive in a mall, I mean that the writers never really explain anything. I mean, what caused the zombie outbreak in the first place. I know that it was hinted that it might be a variety ofthings but nothing is ever made clear. It was questions like this that kind of bugged me during my viewing of this film. The ending kind of had me scratching my head in wonder of what I just saw. I think the reason that the ending was the way it was is because it was not supposed to end the way it did. At the last moment the writers changed to be a more upbeat an I will stop there before I go into spoilers.     Having said that, I will say that if you do what I did and just blank your mind from the plot holes and questionable ending, this is movie as an okay story that is fun to watch.

Character/Cast: (6.5/10) The main characters do okay job acting, but the extras are terrible. The “Overacting Scale” is off the charts in this movie. The best actors in this movie are Ken Foree and Scott Emge who play Peter and Roger respectively. Their characters are the only ones of the four survivors that I did not find annoying. All Stephen and Francine do is whine the whole time about their problems and it does get tiresome quick. Speaking of problems, all the characters have flaws and this does make the film more interesting. There is a lot of character development in this movie which is a pleasant surprise coming from a zombie flick.
Action: (9/10) Where this movie lacks in story and compelling characters it makes up with non-stop action and suspense. From the very begging we are thrust into a scene of chaos as a SWAT team storms what I think was an apartment building and then we go straight to seeing the exploits of the main characters. I don’t want to go into much detail because it may lead to spoilers, but I will say that this film has many great combat moments and the suspense is expertly built.

Music: ( 10/10) This film’s soundtrack is awesome. The music will goes from being suspenseful one minute top being comical the next. This for me helps to keep the film from being too depressing and I guaranty that this film does have its fair share of depressing moments.
Visuals: (7/10) Not the best I have ever seen, but this was made in the seventies so I am willing to give it some slack. The one problem I have is the blood, which looks orange most of the time. It’s not that big of a deal though as it does make the film more light hearted and easier to watch. It is probably betterthat the blood is like that because there are ton of the stuff in this film. It is also very gory especially when the zombies are feeding and when people get bitten. At least it is not the CG blood and gore that I can’t really  stand. One of the other problems with this film is that the characters don’t really go to that many different settings. I counted the number of different settings in this film to around four. Luckily, the mall is diverse enough to keep it from being too dull. Not much else that I can say about the visuals.

Conclusion: A descent zombie flick that may not be for everybody. I would recommend checking it out, at the very least rent it and see if you like it.

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