Sunday, April 15, 2012

Review "FireFly"

Review “Firefly” (“TV Series”)


Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds

Short Story Summary:A group of “mercenaries for hire” are on the run after they pick up a passenger that is wanted by the totalitarian alliance regime that experimented on her.

Story (7/10): The plot is pretty basic,but it works to keep the show moving at a steady pace and to keep the action going. It was never really confusing and it keeps the technobabble to a
minimum. This show really has that fell of being like a western that, instead of being out west, it is set in space. Although the themes of the show are pretty serious, it does make time to comical at time(Not to the point of being campy though) and that helps to liven the mood. The one thing that I found that may turn people off is that this show is that is filled with messages about things ranging from political power to references to the Civil War. These messages, I found, did not really affect the enjoyment of the show and will be most likely be over looked in most cases.

Characters/Cast(10/10): The cast of the show is excellent and work perfectly together. Nathan Fillion is great as Captain Reynolds. His character can come across as a jerk at times, but you can tell that he is just trying to keep his crew out of harm’s way. The rest of the cast are great in their respective roles and interact well with each other.

Action(8/10): The action I found where pretty good, ranging from barroom fights to shootouts in space. If you have seen a lot of westerns, then you will have a good idea on how the action plays out.

Music(10/10): The opening theme is pretty good and works well with the show. The rest of the music that I heard was pretty good, having a western twinge to it, and fits the show.

Visuals(8.5/10): To be a TV series, this show has really good graphics. The ship looks very well made and the special effects are well done. The settings are also diverse and keep the show from becoming stale, as some shows that are set in one local sometimes become. The aliens are also well

Conclusion: One of the best TV series I have seen in a long time. While It is a must see for
Sci-Fi and westerns fans alike, it should be an enjoyable watch for anyone. I highly recommend watching theis show.

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