Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Movie Review “Vengeance of a SnowGirl”

Li Ching Yuan as Shen Bing Hong
Yueh Hua as Ting Ying

Short Story Summary: A crippled girl seeks to kill the men that killed her parents.

Story: (9/10) Vengeance movies are a dime a dozen, but this film does change the formula enough to make it an interesting watch. The writing is very good, never once becoming complicated or boring. It also flows at steady pace, first filling us on the backgrounds of the characters and then further developing them over the course of the film. They also added the bonus of some fantasy elements to keep things interesting later in the film.

Characters/Cast: (10/10) This film had a great cast. Li Ching Yuan is perfect as the, would be, avenger Shen Bing Hong. Her character is both a likable person and a talented fighter. Yueh Hua Is good as the son of one of the targeted men. I thought these two worked very well together and have good chemistry. The cast is also filled with many familiar faces. Sammo Hung, who, I think, is playing ahenchman and James Tien Chun, who plays ta prince and is also the action director are a few of the ones that I recognized .

Action: (8.5/10) The fights in this film are, overall, good. I found the early fights to be a bit slow, but by the middle end of the film they were much better and fun to watch. There is not much in the way of hand to hand style combat in this film. Instead we are treated to a ton of sword fights. These swords fights are nicely integrated with acrobatics and wire-work. I found it particularly impressed how Li Chiang was able to keep her legs stiff and still fight.

Music: (5/10) Not much. What I heard was okay, but it would have been better if there had been more.

Visuals: (6/10) This is where the film suffered a bit. The wire work is my biggest complaint. It was not very well done, causing it to look weird. The fake heads that was used looked really bad and you could tell that they were fake. The setting is pretty standard fair for this type of film. There are a few placesthat are cool, like volcano and the snowfield. The blood effects were pretty good and looked pretty realistic.

Conclusion: This film has a few flaws, but nothing that should keep you from watching it. I recommend checking this one out.

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