Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Movie Review “Serenity”

Nathan Fillion as Mal
Gina Torres as Zoe
Chiwetel Ejiofor as The Operative Summer
Glau as River

Short Story Summary: The crew of the ship Serenity try to evade an Assassin sent to capture one of their members.

Story: (8.5/10) I have not seen the TV show Firefly yet, so I will be judging the movie’s story solely on its own merits. I thought it was pretty good. The story was easy enough to follow, even for a person like me who has not seen the show, and it got to the action early. With that being said, the story and plot devices were nothing all that special. I have seen most of the things in this movie many times before. That does not take away from the entertainment value though; it is more like visiting an old friend.

Character/Cast: (10/10) The whole cast from the TV series returns for Serenity and I think they did a fine job. The characters are pretty good, River being my favorite. There is nothing else I can really say, as I did not see anything wrong with the characters or cast.

Action: (9/10) The action starts early and keeps going throughout the film. There are not that many fights, this is my one complaint, but the ones it had were entertaining. The final fight is the highlight and is worth the wait, especially the part with River and the Reavers( sounds a little like a rock group).

Music: (6/10) I could not remember much about the music in this film (not a very good sign). To be able to make a judgment call, I did some research( Typed in Serenity soundtrack in YouTube) and listened to each of the songs. I have to say that I didn’t really like them all that much. They were not terrible, but I have heard much better.

Visuals: (8.5/10) The visuals looked okay. They were a bit dated, but have held up pretty good. The various ships in the movie, from “Serenity” to the Reavers ships, are all well done and interesting to look at. The movie takes place in several different worlds and this helps keep the film from becoming dull. Like I said, a bit dated, but the visuals get the job done.

Conclusion: A well-made Sci-Fi film that should keep the fans of the show and new comers entertained. I would probably recommend watching the TV series first, it is not necessary to enjoy the film, but it will help to better understand the characters and situations. I recommended checking out this film.

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