Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Movie Review “The Hitman”

Chuck Norris as Garrett/Grogan

Short Story Summary: After an officer is nearly killed by his partner, he is sent undercover in a criminal organization to destroy it from the inside out.

Story: (5/10) Even though the premise of the story is simple, the writers still found a way to make it really confusing. You don’t even find out why he was sent undercover untill about mid-way in the movie. Even when I did finally learn what was going on it didn’t help the boredom I was feeling. This film always felt like it was dragging and not getting anywhere. It even had some sub-plot about a bullied kid which I felt should have been left out for the sake of having more time to try to advance the main plot. I will say that the ending was kind of cool and that keeps this score from being even lower.

Characters/Cast: (6/10) The cast is really not that bad. It at least looks like their trying, but it’s made really difficult by this movie’s script. The characters are not at all interesting and are mainly stereotypical gangsters types. Their dialogue in this film is really corny sounding and can’t really be taken serious. Chuck Norris’s character Garrett is probably the best in the movie, but that is more of the actors ability than anything the writers may have done.

Action: (4/10) There are hardly any martial arts to be seen it this film, which is strange considering who stars in it. This leads to a complete waste of Norris’s talents and all we get are a few half-hearted gun fights. There are also no car chases either that could have bring some excitement into this movie. The final fight is okay, but is not at all worth sitting through this film to see.

Music: (8.5/10) The music in the movie was not that bad, but I am pretty sure that there was only like two songs in the whole film. Not bad but there should have been a few others.

Visuals: (3/10) The film is setting was nothing special being only an ordinary city. The special effects where the bare basics. Not much else to say but they were just dull.

Conclusion: A boring, poorly done film that is a chore to sit through. I highly recommend staying away from this one.

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