Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Movie Review “Five Deadly Venoms”

Sheng Chiang as Yang Tieh
Phillip Kwok as He Yuan-Xin
Feng Lu as Zhang Yio-Tian
Pai Wei as Qi Dong
Chien Sun as Ma Chow
Meng Lo as Lang Shen

Short Story Summary: A teacher’s dying wish is for his last student to check on the activities of his former students.

Story: (9/10) The story was an interesting mixture of martial arts and mystery genres. I thought it was very well wrote, but it did get confusing at certain points. It was interesting to follow Yang Tieh as he tried to find each of the “Venoms” and discover their identities. Watching him try to solve this mystery really leads to a very suspenseful story, as you have no idea, at first, who is friend or foe. I’m not going to go into any more detail because I don’t want to spoil any of the mystery.

Character/Cast: (10/10) I thought the cast in this movie was great. Their acting was well done and even the dubbing was good. The characters they play were all interesting and it was great to see all the different styles that they used. Sheng Chiang is really good as the movies main protagonist and each of the actors that played the venoms were all great.

Action: (10/10) The fights in this movie are some of the best I have seen. Not because they are long or overly complicated, but for the fact that they all involve many different martial arts styles. The final fight was excellently done and was thrilling to watch. The fight themselves were very stylized and well-choreographed. Not much else to say but they defiantly deserve a ten out of ten.

Music: (5/10) The opening music was okay, but other than that, I don’t remember there being any other music.

Visuals: (9/10) The ancient china setting fits this movie very well. It is a lot better than if they had set it in modern times, as it gives it a fantasy style look and feeling. The fact that there was a lot of different places that the characters went helped to keep the film from becoming boring. A few set are reused a few times, but it does not an overall effect on the film. The blood and wound effects are well done and they add to the great fights I talked about earlier. Some sets being reused several times keep this from getting a perfect score.

Conclusion: An excellent martial arts film with a little mystery mixed in .I highly recommend checking out this film.

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