Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Movie Review “The Delta Force”

Chuck Norris as Maj. Scott McCoy
Lee Marvin as Col. Nick Alexander

Short Story Summary: After a plane is hijacked by terrorist, Delta Force is sent in to stop them.

Story: (7/10) The story is well suited for the type of movie that this film is aiming to be. The story is really simple, but this works to the film’s advantage. When the point of a film is to just let the viewer enjoy themselves, it’s unadvisable to weight them down with an over complicated tale. Now I don’t mean that it was poorly written, it’s the complete opposite. It has good pacing and it is never allowed to be boring. The action never let up for a second and I was always anxious to know what would happen next.

Characters/Cast: (8.5/10) The cast was really good in this movie. We of course have Chuck Norris who is in his element and he gives a great performance as Maj. McCoy. Also in the cast is the great Lee Marvin. He is not really in a lot of the film (probably cause of his age), but he stills the show when he is. I think that the creators had a great idea teaming Marin and Norris up. You may also notice Robert Vaughn in a small role as Gen. Woodridge. The only problem I had with the characters is that I wish there had been a better main villain at the end for Chuck Norris to face. It is obvious, from the beginning of the final fight, that the main bad guy is not going to be any match for Norris and this lead to a rather anticlimactic boss fight.

Action: (6/10) The action is entertaining, but it did feel a bit dull to me. The villains are no match for Chuck Norris in this film and are there mostly to be bullet absorbers. I just wish that there was a few enemies that could have stood up to Norris. I mean, even though Schwarzenegger in commando was tough, there was still enemies that could pose a threat, like Bennett. Even though you knew Schwarzenegger was going to win it did add some suspense to the fight. It this film Chuck is basically the terminator and can’t be stopped[((Spoiler)) He is not even injured once in the entire film]. The fights also amount to mostly gun fights with hardly any punches thrown. The millions of gun fights are interrupted by a few chase scenes that are okay, but under climatic. Finally, like I said before, the “Boss” fight is not very good and amounts to Norris pounding the guy’s head in.

Music: (7/10) The theme is good but you better get used to it. The reason for this is that it is not only the only song, but they insist on playing it over and over( I think it was played close to fifteen to twenty times over the course of the movie’s two hours). I’m sure the producers were proud of the song, but there are more songs out there.

Visuals: (8.5/10) The settings are diverse, since they do travel to several different places over the course of the film. The special effects are good, with a lot of nice explosions and car wrecks. There are a few bloody scenes, but the blood looks really fake and came across looking like paint to me.

Conclusion: A descent film if a bit flawed. This one I think I will leave up to you. If you can get past the flaws, check it out, If you can’t though, I think I would skip this one.

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