Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Movie Review “Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection”

Chuck Norris as Col. Scott McCoy
Billy Drago as Ramon Cota

Short Story Summary: After DEA agents are captured by an evil kingpin, it is up to delta force to go in and save them.

Story: (7/10) Like the first Delta Force. The story of this film is there only to help get the action started. It is a bare-basic rescue mission that you probably seen a million times before. The thing is, that with this kind of movie, this is the kind of story you want and mostly expect to see. The reason is that, when you sit down to watch this kind of movie, you want to be able to relax, shut your brain off, and just enjoy the ride. I few go by this way of thinking, then this story is very well done.

Characters/Cast: (4/10) The characters in this film are terrible. I don’t know if it’s the actors or just the way the script was written. Billy Drago, who plays the main villain Cota, looks like he is high the whole time. He also really overacts in every scene he is in and he just comes across as a one-dimensional villain. Paul Perri’s character Bobby Chavez is really annoying. I am happy to say that he is not in the movie for that long, which save the score from going lower. Finally, John P. Ryan’s character General Taylor looks and acts completely insane, not much else to say about him. . I will say that Chuck Norris is pretty good in this one. He is basically the same type character he always is, but like they say: “If something isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Action: (8/10) The action in this film is much better than in the first “Delta Force”. Chuck Norris is actually beat up a bit before going all terminator again. There is much more martial arts in this film, which is a plus. There is a training sequence early in the film, where Norris is sparing with members of Delta Force, that I thought was cool. The violence is really turned up in this film, with plenty of shots of people getting violently killed a Varity of ways. As you expect, there are also enough chases, shooting, and explosions to make you think WW3 has started.

Music: (6/10) Standard fair for this type of film, at least they didn’t play the same song over and over.

Visuals: (8/10) I found the sets of the film to be okay. I do wish that there had been more of them. The only places that are really used for any amount of time are the kingpin’s house and a small village. The special effects are well done. The explosions look good, but I kind of wish that they could have found a way to make it look like there are bodies in the vehicles after they explode. The blood is really turned on in this film, so I am glad that they at least made it look real and not like barn paint or something.

Conclusion: While this movie does suffer from several problems, it’s still a fun film to watch. I am happy to finally be able to say, I recommend trying this film out

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