Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Movie Review “Commando”

Arnold Schwarzenegger as John Matrix
Rae Dawn Chong as Cindy
Vernon Wells as Bennett

Short Story Summary: An ex-commando has only 11 hours to save his daughter from an evil dictator.

Story: (8.5/10) The story is okay and is easy enough to follow. It is not at all deep and is mainly used to help Schwarzenegger’s character get from one place to another so that we can see him kill, blow up, and “one liner” everything in his path. It is entertaining to watch and the bits of comedy mixed in is a nice change from all the action constantly going on.

Character/Cast: (9/10) The cast are all top notch. Arnold does what he does best (destroy things) and Rae Dawn Chong is really good as the lead lady and is the source of many of the films comic moments. Vernon Wells, who plays the main villain Bennett, is probably the worst person on the cast. He way over acts and the outfit he wears makes him look like a complete idiot. With that said though, his habit to way over act in this film does lead to some pretty comical dialogue exchanges between him and the other characters, so I guess he is not all that bad. There is no real character development, but everyone does what they are supposed to and they do it well.

Action: (10/10) A movie like this that has little plot and character development relies on having an abundance of action and this film delivers big time. Commando waste no time getting Arnold killing things and throwing one liners and it is like this the whole film. The combat is well done and is entertaining to watch and there are a few, well done, car chases thrown in for added excitement. The people who made this film understood their target audience and gives them exactly what they want, well made, non-stop, action.

Music: (8/10) While there is not much music in this film, what it did have was good.

Visuals: (10/10) Since this movie was made back in the 80’s, there is no CG to be seen. It is a really nice change of pace from all the films nowadays that rely on CG heavy. All the explosions, blood, wounds, and sets look great because of the simple fact that they are real and not just put there with a computer.

Conclusion: An entertaining 80’s action flick that is a fun ride from beginning to end. I recommend checking this one out.

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