Sunday, January 1, 2012

Movie Review “13 Assassins”

Koji Yakusho as Shinzaemon Shimada
Takayuki Yamada as Shinrouko
Yusuke Iseya as Koyata
Goro Inagaki as Lord Naritsugu Matsudaira

Short Movie Summary: A group of 13 warriors go to kill an evil lord.

Story: (9/10) I thought that the story was basic, but good. It flowed at a steady pace and was never confusing or boring. It was pretty dark tale and the ending, for me, was bitter sweet. Since it is such a simple, yet complex(if that makes since) story, I can’t go into any more detail about it without risking spoilers.

Characters/Cast: (10/10) The cast was very good in this movie. They all fit their roles perfect and gave credibility to their characters. The characters were well written and complex in nature. Although I have, unfortunately, not seen many samurai films, I have read a lot about them and the samurai in this film seem pretty close to the real ones. It is this kind of care to historical detail that makes the film much better.

Fights: (10/10) The fights in this movie are awesome and there are plenty of them to watch. The choreography is well done, with bloody, stylized action that never seems to slow done and you will not want it to. If I had to pick my favorite fight it would be the last one. I clocked this fight at almost forty-five minutes long, but it never got boring once. Not much else to say except some of the best fights I have ever seen.

Music: (7/10) Not much in the way of music, but what they did have was good.

Visuals: (8.5/10) The settings in this movie were good, but they were the standard you would see in in this kind of film. The most interesting place is the village they are in at the end of the film, but I will let you check out the movie to see why. The blood and sword wounds in this film are very well done and look realistic. The blood was also not way over done like in some films (see Ninja Assassin) and that makes the film much better to watch.

Conclusion: Great samurai film that I could see standing with other classics such as The Seven Samurai. I highly recommend checking this one out.

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