Saturday, December 31, 2011

Movie Review “Ip Man”

Donnie Yen as Ip Man (Pronounced Yip Man)

Short Story Summary: A story about Ip Man, the first master of Wing Chun and the master of the legendary Bruce Lee.

Story:(10/10) The story was really well written and easy to follow. I did not once get confused or bored while watching this movie. As always, I don’t want to spoil anything, so I will just say that it was a great tale of struggle and patriotism in World War II.

Characters/Cast:(9/10) The cast of this movie was very good and they fit their parts perfectly. Donnie Yen as Ip Man was a great choice. He played the part perfectly and this movie really shows off his acting and fighting skills. Hiroyuki Ikeuchi did a fine job as the villain, General Miura. I found his character to be complex, in that, although he was obviously evil, he also seemed to have a deep sense of honor. This made him better than a one dimensional character. Lynn Hung did a fine job as Ip Man’s wife. She was a another deep character. Although she wanted to support Ip Man’s martial arts, she felt that it was causing him to neglect his family. Their chemistry is spot-on and they play off each other well. The rest of the cast is good and help to fill out the world.

Fights:(8/10) I have seen few movies were every fight is entertaining and well-choreographed. One of the fights that really stood out was when Ip Man fought ten Japanese fighters. It actually brought a smile to my face with how cool it was. The one fight that I though could have been better was the last one involving Ip Man and General Miura. Although it was good, I felt that it could have been longer. It was over about as fast as it started, but this did not really take away from the entertainment of the fight.

Music:(10/10) Like everything else, the music was good.

Graphics/Set:(10/10)The sets in this movie were really good. It was great to see the transition of the city from a lively and prosperous to sad and in a state of decline. One set that was really interesting was the cotton plant. It seemed that it was being used to show that even in a place of despair, there is a place of hope and light (I am most likely over thinking this, but that is the way it seemed to me). Now, about the graphics in the movie. The blood effects in the movie were well done and were only used when necessary. Another effect that was well done was the breaking of bones during fights. It was really well done and showed the furious nature of the fighter’s attacks.

Conclusion: It may seem that I am over glorifying this movie, but it really is that good. It is an instant classic and should be watched by anyone that is a fan of martial art movies. Give it a try, you want be disappointed.

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