Saturday, December 31, 2011

Movie Review “Ip Man 2”

Donnie Yen as Ip Man
Sammo Hung as Master Hong Zhen Nan
Lynn Hung as Zhang Yong Cheng
Xiaoming Huang as Wong Shun Leung
Darren Shahlavi as Twister

Short Story Summary: The continued story of Ip Man, the legendary master of Wing Chun.

Story:(9/10) Though not quite as good as the first, the film makers once again craft an excellent story around the Wing Chun master Ip Man. The story picks up where the other film left off with Ip man and his family going to Hong Kong. This is a very well-paced movie that grabs you and holds on till the ending credits. There is really nothing I can find wrong with this film’s story. I will also say that this has one of the greatest , most unexpected endings I have ever seen. Any one who has saw it will know what I am talking about.

Characters/Cast:(10/10) This section gets a ten out of ten for the lone reason that they had
both Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung in the same movie, how awesome is that? Donnie Yen
once again once again does a great job playing as the wise master Ip man and Sammo Hung
is great as the half villain, half hero Master Hong. You will see a lot of recognizable faces from
the first film. Lynn Hung returns as Ip Man’s wife, Fan Siu-Wong also returns as Jin Shan Zhao, and a few others appear that you may recognize. The main villain Twister, a boxer from Europe, is played very well by Darren Shaahlavi. Trust me when I say that you will hate Twister by the end of this movie. One of the other new characters they introduce in the movie is a guy named Leung, who near the beginning of the film challenges Ip man to a fight to learn Wing Chun. He is a good addition to the cast and the interaction between him and Ip Man is fun to watch. Once again, I am unable to say anything bad about the characters or cast.

Fights:(10/10) The fights are once again has well-choreographed and entertaining fights. The
main thing I like to talk about in this section is the final fight between Ip Man and Twister. This fight, to me, was much better than the ending fight from the first film. The way they build up this fight really gets you anxious to see it and when you finally do, it will blow you away. To put into perspective how great this fight was, I was actually cheering out loud (Which I don’t usually do) for Ip Man to stomp this guy into the ground. The other stand out fight in this movie is Ip Man versus Master Hung. Just seeing these two fight was great to see and the fight was really well choreographed (though it did use a bit too many wires in places). The rest of the fights are good, but the final definitely takes the cake.

Music:(10/10) Like most of the other things about this movie, the music is great.

Graphics/Sets:(8/10) Not really anything new in terms of the graphics or the sets. That is not to say they’re bad, it is just that I did not really see anything that can distinguish it from the other film. The one really interesting set was the area where Ip Man fought the masters for the right to be one. It is kind of interesting that they fought on a table top.

Conclusion: This movie is every bit as good as the first and is a must see for anyone that even remotely likes these types of movies. I highly recommend it, give it a shot.

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