Saturday, December 31, 2011

Movie Review “Battle of the Warriors”

Andy Lau as Ge LI
BingBing Fan as Yi Yue
Si Won Choi as Prince Liang Shi
Zhiwen Wang as King of Liang
Sung-Kee Ahn as the Zhao Commander
Nicky Wu as Zituan

Short Story Summary: A warrior named Ge LI arrives at a small city called Liang to defend it from the invading Zhao army.

Story:(6/10) The story was fine and easy to follow, but it is hard to describe without entering spoiler territory. I will say it takes the themes of love, war, honor, values, fear, and revenge and weaves them into a very tragic tale. This is not a feel-good movie that you will walk away from with a positive out look. Basically nothing good happens in this movie: People lose love ones, they are betrayed, and you will have a hard time deciding who is really good bad. It probably would be good idea to keep the anti-depressants around while viewing this film.

Characters/Cast:(8/10) The cast and characters were, overall, pretty decent. Andy Lau does an okay job as Ge Li, but the ones that stole the show to me were BingBing Fan and Nicky Wu. Their characters are so likeable, that they single handedly kept me watching this movie. Without them the score would have been a lot lower, as I found most of the other characters to either be unlikeable or bland. The only other character that was close to descent was the prince, but he could off as winey. Not the best Cast or characters I have seen( except for the few I talked about).

Fights:(4/10) This is where the movie really suffers and nearly kills the movie. There are very few one-on-one fighting and the ones that are there are not really fun to watch. Even the battle scenes are not that interesting to watch and are mostly just exchanges of arrows back and forth. The final fight is boring and forgettable and is will be a letdown for anyone who watches the whole move looking forward to at least seeing a descent showdown between the hero and villain. There are many movies that do what this film tries to do, but they do it much better.

Music:(10/10). I actually, before writing this review, went online and listened to the music of this film, so I could judge it on its own merits. I have to say that this is probably the best part of the movie. I am not at all an expert at music, but I know when I hear something I like and I though this music was well done.

Graphics/Sets:(6/10) The sets were not really that great considering it was mostly set in the desert. If the movie was better it would not have been a problem, as many good movies have been set inthis kind of environment. I was happy the few times they decide to enter a forest area and it was a nice change of pace. The graphics where fine, nothing special mind you, just the regular battle effects you see in other films.

Conclusion: I though this movie was not really that good and I can’t see myself recommending it to anyone. I would suggest skipping this one if I where you.

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